ways to consume

keep away from children

Children are people in the making. They are not finished so to speak. They are not ready to consume alcohol, to perform open-heart surgery, or to consume cannabis. Full stop. Part of you being a responsible cannabis user is to make sure the little ones (anybody under 19!!!) do not have access. Don’t leave your stuff lying around and reinforce that some things are worth waiting for. And when the time is right, be that awesome big brother, aunt or grandma who is there to guide a newbie’s through their first cannabis experience.

don't drag
& drive

Whether it’s a Porsche or an old pick-up truck, it won’t look good wrapped around a tree.  While the effects of cannabis may be different for that of alcohol, it does impair your senses and is not something to take a chance on.  It’s a simple message… whether it’s a chainsaw, open heart surgery or just driving to the store for munchies, just don’t do it with cannabis.

always scan
your senses

Cannabis is not a crutch and should never be used as an excuse for your behaviour.    You must be responsible for your own actions and scanning your common senses, scanning the room, reading the vibe is critical to the best high.  It’s a simple message… make sure you use your spidey and common senses and only smoke when the time, the people and the situation are right.

one puff
is enough

Our most simple and best piece of advice for flower smokers. A joint is not a cigarette nor a lollipop. Frequent sucking will lead to a sucky situation. Anytime you are smoking something you haven’t tried before, take your time. With cannabis there is never a rush, so take it easy. It’s a simple message… one puff is enuff, then wait for a bit, see what happens and how you feel and then take it from there.


You know that uncle that used to light up his big fat cigar in the living room when you were a kid leaving you nauseous and your mother whacking couch pillows for days afterwards? Don’t be that uncle. In this wonderful world of peace, love and understanding, the responsible cannabis user does his/her part. Don’t violate the rights of others, observe accepted standards of courtesy, don’t consume cannabis in public, ask before you light up. And if others around you want to avoid cannabis entirely? Respect.